I want to know.why my delivery date was changed from today to monday? I ordered these productr cause it said it would be here on sunday.

I run a tattoo buisness and when i order product from prime and im givin a delivery date i expect it on that date . I was under the assumption as a Prime member that I wouldn't have to wait more than a few days to get my order I'm paying 12.95 a month for the service what is the service provided to me? I have spoke with several customer service reps. And everyone says the same thin I'm sorry .

Unfortunately you're being sorry has cost my business to $400 in the way of a tattoo because you failed to deliver on product I purchased for my tattooing business.

Can someone explain to me why it is that I paid 1295 a month for prime one I'm not getting Prime Membership service it should not take me 5 days to get a product and then when I look up the tracking number it's still has not left the warehouse yet and I was flat-out lied to by a customer representative yesterday telling me she guaranteed my product would be here yesterday between 2 and 4 and it still has not left the warehouse. Maybe it's your company's policy to lie to the remembers but it is not my company's policy to lie to my clients when I make a promise to my clients to deliver a tattoo on a specific date and time I deliver on that specific date and time you worked all year to deliver my product has cost me a $400 tattoo and it's automatically going to cost you my Prime Membership because I am going to cancel my Prime Membership I won't order anything else from you and I will tell anyone who will listen how poor you service truly is.

Timothy m Byers owner operator Valhalla inking Tattoo Company.

User's recommendation: Don't order anything from Amazon.

Location: Kissimmee, Florida

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