Well there were issues at first as my bank had been bought out by another so had to do a lot of adjustments to my Debit Card as it was holding up delivery.

However, I got lucky and found a good rep who explained, walked me through and took the time to actually help me and teach me.

However, there were still a couple of problems and when I called back I got "Numb Nuts" for rep that were very obvious that they really didn't want to talk to me at all.

I could tell they wanted to clock out & go home or something.

The actual device I'd purchased died on me the next day... probably bad vendor and You need to DROP THEM as they apparently make UNRELIABLE products.

But that is not Your fault.

Just please teach Your reps to NOT TRY TO RUSH US THOUGH.

I don't care about "Amazon's Cue Clock" that's an internal matter and as a customer I do not have to tolerate it. Or would You prefer I do my business somewhere else???

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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