Hoboken, New Jersey

I wrote a review about Amazon.com last week because I was so mad that they sent me an email banning me from reviewing items or asking any questions about an item I would like to purchase on Amazon because they falsely accused me of taking money for reviews which I never did.

I just got an email from Amazon Moderation apologizing for their mistake and any inconvenience this might have caused me.

Thank you Amazon.com. You made the right decision and now I can shop on Amazon again.

My advice to anyone this has happened to is to keep emailing Amazon Moderation and keep calling because their customer service people put alerts on my problem and escalated it and that seemed to work. It took about a week and a half but it worked.

Just don't give up if you are in the right. Amazon will listen.

Debra Jean Allegro

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Moderator.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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This doesn’t happen in response to review content. It’s a computer making the decision based on seller contact with you before you review.

Also deleting and reposting a review or editing a review triggers it Same happened to me! I called and reported it and they filed a complaint with review board, then I got an automated response from the review board stating they carefully reviewed my account and found I was in violation. Well it was obvious to me that was b.s. and this was a form letter so I replied to it stating: clearly you did NOT carefully review my account because if you had you would see I was innocent and restored my account!!!

About 7 days later they replied saying my reviews and privileges were restored. I replied directing them to this site and letting them know this was a huge problem and not isolated.

So don’t give up! You have to complain at least twice before a human gets involved.


I cannot get my reviews reinstated and I've been trying for two months banging my head against the same wall. Amazon is now boycotted until they sort it out