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I have been a shopper with Amazon since 2010 and I was going on today to purchase a filter for my fish tank and this Add On thing popped up and said that I have to order $25 worth of SHITTE just to get my one item.

I called them and they said, oh sir this has been the policy for years. LIES.

I think it is stupid to have to spend $25.00 and then you are able to get your one item.

I'm going somewhere else to get my filters period.

I used to think Amazon was a great store, but they are starting to get a little too big for themselves and are starting to loose that edge they had.

With this, they are no more better than the other crummy stores out there.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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There has always been a minimum amount you have to spend on amazon fulfilled items to get free shipping. Every site has a minimum spending amount.

If you are referring to an item being an “add on item” only, meaning you don’t have the option to purchase it by itself and just pay shipping, those do suck but they have always existed as well. They are normally hugely discounted though, so they work out great for the customer when you are someone who orders a lot from them anyway.

That’s who they are designed to benefit Lots of sites have programs that benefit their more regular customers Add on item status also fluctuates and items can be added or removed from the program at any time. They also work the same way whether you are a prime customer or not, however if it’s not an add on item you don’t have to order a minimum amount to get free shipping.