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I ordered 2 black iPhone 12s for my 2 daughter's Sweet 16 birthday party. They opened their gifts and one of them screamed and cried with joy!!

The other was very sad to see that she did not get what she asked for!

I planned for this for a very long time and don't get the opportunity to make such big purchases such as this, so when I do, I was VERY disappointed to see that the shipment was wrong! It was a completely wrong color and brand of phone!?

It literally ruined our Sweet 16 experience that can't be undone!!

Now I have to be inconvenienced and return something, then have my daughter WAIT even longer to correct the order that I put in right the first time.

User's recommendation: Open your order before you give and unseen gift. Can't trust that the order is right.

Location: Cypress, Texas

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