After ordering a very expensive item as a gift for my wife as a Christmas present. I called customer service twice only to be talked down to.

I could tell the help desk was in the Philippines or a foreign country. I was degraded once by a person named Jack. Fake name. Then my second call I was hung up on!!

Ive never have been so humiliated in my life. On my third call after regrouping. A very kind young lady from South Africa.I explained my problem and she went above regular duty and helped me make certain the right piece for our auto would be ordered and shipped. I just received the order status.

It has been shipped and should be out for delivery soon. Ive never been so upset over a simple problem. Theres a big problem in out sourcing call some where other than our country. As a veteran I still feel degraded and will think long and hard before using Amazon again for major purchases.

Im certain other customers feel likewise!!

Terrible Terrible service. Period.

User's recommendation: Not at this point.

Location: Topping, Virginia

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