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This is regarding an order I placed originally on December 10th for a Christmas gift for my daughter. (A play kitchen).The first shipment received was the incorrect product.

Not what I ordered. It was a play kitchen, but it was like they just picked a random one and sent it to me. I called as soon as this was discovered (dec 18th) and was told the correct one would not be sent to me until early January (so no Christmas gift for my daughter – thanks Amazon) Instead of having no gift, we put the incorrect one together, (Thanks again Amazon, now lost three hours of our life.)Well, we finally received the correct product (January 4th!), and I literally smells like it has been soaking in a barrel of gasoline. We have had it ‘airing out’ outside for two days, but that has not helped.

We also live in a cold climate, with snow coming, so leaving it outside longer is not an option. We moved it in the house and I want to call the fire department to test our air because it smells so bad. The smell is horrible. I am not exaggerating.

I want to just throw this away.I would like Amazon to pick this one up, and send me a new one that does not smell (I read reviews and this seems to be a one off problem – maybe the shipping company spilled something on the box?) I wish someone could come to my house to smell this. I may sound crazy, but this is unacceptable.The person on chat told me they could not replace this because Amazon does not have this in stock. I see the item online (for a cheaper price mind you). I don’t care that it is not being sold by Amazon, you should purchase that one on my behalf and send it to me free of charge.

This is getting to be so much of a pain for a silly play kitchen.All they are telling me is that I can return this (by them sending me a return label and me repacking this and bringing it to a shipment center. It weighs close to 50 pounds! How an I supposed to do this? That is the reason I ordered via Amazon!

Ugg)Also, as a former Amazon Mom member, now Amazon Prime member, lots of complaints there, but that is a whole other thread.

…Just venting i guess. So annoyed.

Monetary Loss: $134.

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Maybe you do just need to vent & that is fine. But really?

50lbs? You are going to complain about having to lift 50lbs? What are you 7 years old? I am sure your kid weighed more than that when she was 3 years old, but i bet you still picked her up every time she asked you to.

Oh & just a little bit of info for you, for future reference, you wouldn't have had to take the package any further than your front door. Amazon sends you the return label, you box it up you stick the sticker on the package, you call who ever the label is through (usps, ups, fedx, etc) & they come right to your door & pick up that super heavy 50lb item. now aside from the weight rant, depending on what the silly toy was made out of it might have just been off-gassing. You see when you buy your kid toys that are made out of stinky chemicals like PLASTIC, they have to off-gas, it's what gives cabbage patch kids & my little ponies that distinctive smell.

Unfortunately sometimes the fumes do smell like gasoline, but that is the price that you pay for buying your kid a plastic kitchen.

On the upside though, you now have two plastic kitchens for your kid. =)