I ordered a Minnie Mouse Jack-in-the-box. It was just over $26, because the box was damaged.

It came in today, however I received a Mickey Mouse Jack-in-the-box. I now have to return the Jack-in-the-Box before I get my refund but I cannot wait to order the correct one because I want to make sure it is in before Christmas. So I now need to purchase another one and I need to spend $29 because Im afraid if I choose the one with the damaged box I could possibly receive the wrong item again. So because of their mistake I have to spend &3 more and be out almost $60 while I go through the return process.

Yes I will get my $26 back eventually, but I couldnt wait to order the correct item. Money is always tight around Christmas time and it was upsetting that I had to buy the gift twice and pay more for the second one because of a mistake.

Location: Littleton, New Hampshire

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