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Update by user Jul 18, 2011

Took the time to file a complaint with my state\'s consumer protection/trade commission department. They took it seriously enough to contact Amazon on my behalf and have put them on a 3-year watch list. The outcome is yet uncertain but am satisfied my state is taking the next step.

Original review posted by user Jun 06, 2011

Tried using my Amazon account after a long hiatus. Had difficulty logging in, and password would not reset online, so contacted customer service. Got everything working.

Went on to order a book using "one-time transaction". Entered my credit card info and all seemed good. Got the book no problem.

However, two weeks later, received a collections notice. When I called to inquire, discovered they had not used the payment option I had selected. Instead, they defaulted to a closed back account. Since it had been more than 3 years since my last order --- and I hardly ordered from them even then --- I had forgotten about the account. I thought entering the card info would override the default method, as Amazon said it should. As a result, ended up paying double for the book through little fault of my own.

In my discussions with the collections agency, they acknowledged this is not an uncommon problem with Amazon and recommended closing my account with them as it is difficult to remedy this situation. Closing the account was extremely difficult. It is my opinion that Amazon does this intentionally. Never going back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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steven s

Or could it be that you entered in your new info but didn't make it your current payment method and then Amazon attempted to charge the one designated by you as your primary payment option. And you don't realize the collection agent is "partnering" with you against Amazon to get payments? A common collection practice,