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I have tried at least 7 times to purchase a kindle cover – each time the order goes through then i immediateley get an email saying the details i put in don't match the banks (for my credit card).

The really frustrating thing is the first couple of times were with my credit card – and no luck (I did contact my bank to ensure everything was good on their end) – so i thought, ok, I'll buy a prepaid credit card (amazon specifically states they accept them) – still no luck (especially ***, since as a prepaid card, the bank doesnt actually have my details)

And now I managed to get a hold of a amazon giftcard – they accept it and my balance is waiting to be used (or so i thought). But I get the exact same email!.......

I have tried each time to contact amazon for help with this – most of the time they don't reply (which leaves you locked out of your account and needing to set up a new one) – and when they do reply, they don't ever fix that order, they just unlock your account and say to try again, which leaves you in the same circle of frustration!.

At this point i just want to use the giftcard balance, because there is no way in *** i am ever going near them after that.

I've sent many emails about them not accepting the giftcard balance with no reply. I am definitely pissed! (and down a lot of money)

Monetary Loss: $90.

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John N

I don't have an answer for you, but I have used for many years now and really like it. It is easy to use, all their merchandise is delivered promptly and in good shape.

However, I have never had a problem with them, either.

I suspect they are like Netflix----they give wonderful service at a good price, but when something goes wrong, you play *** trying to talk to a real person who can solve your problem. It sounds like you have something that causes a "glitch" when ordering, but only can tell you what.The fact that this happens whether you use your own card or a prepaid one is suspicious and would indicate it is not the card(s) themselves that is causing the problem.If you cannot get thru to a real person, I too would never use them again, either.