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Absolutely the worst shopping experience and it's ongoing.

I to ordered a comforter set and did not receive my purchase. I attempted to track my purchase but the tracking number was invalid.

I called ecity and got no answer. I sent numerous emails as well. All I received was a new shipping invoice. That claimed there was an issue with the shipper (UPS) and to allow up to another week for shipment.

Now another week later and still nothing. I called Amazon and was told my purchase was cancelled due to the item being out of stock and a refund was issued over 2 weeks ago. Yet I have not received a refund. Amazon now says I have to file a report with their billing dept to get my refund.

Which is going to take 3-5 business days and today's Friday. Not only does this lack ethics on behalf of ecity. It's criminal as well.

Furthermore Amazon needs to be held liable. Not only for covering up the bad business practices of this company, but for continuing to endorse them

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If you were wise and paid via a credit card rather than a debit card then you are not out any money as yet. The problem apparently lies with the seller and Amazon is now aware of it.

Wait the 5 days and if no refund, re-contact, etc.

This happens. Amazon is usually rather good at policing it's sellers.