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As of writing this, we are STILL waiting for our delivery to arrive.We ordered a bed from Amazon, and Saia Freight is handling the delivery.

It was supposed to be delivered almost a week ago, but since they insist on calling first before scheduling the delivery EVERY SINGLE TIME (as in, they can't just call us once, get our okay to deliver whenever they want to, and then just DO it; no, they have to call each and every time the delivery doesn't work out that day and attempt to schedule it AGAIN, and they won't deliver unless we give them a fresh go-ahead each time; I've never dealt with a company who makes delivery this difficult), three days went by before things synched up so we could actually have a phone conversation and give them our "okay". The delivery was finally scheduled for Friday. Well, Friday rolls around and the driver calls us -- from a town 30 minutes away from us; never even came to our town -- and informs us that he won't deliver it because his GPS told him we live on a dirt road. We assured him that our road is not what he's imagining, and he will have absolutely no problems making his delivery.

We've lived here for years and have had zero problems with deliveries to our house in the past. We told him he didn't even have to come down the driveway, he could leave it on the side of the road. We also told him that if he would actually come and physically look at the road, he would realize his concerns were unfounded. Our road is very wide, very packed, and very well maintained.

Trucks and trailers travel our road on a daily basis. But no...he refused to even come look at it first before deciding it was impossible! He said he'd get someone in a smaller truck to try it on Monday. We immediately called the delivery organizer (Heather is her name) and left a message explaining the unprofessional behavior of the driver.

You'd think a company would want to know about something like that. We did not receive a response that day. So, today is Monday. Will Saia Freight be delivering the bed today?

NO!!! Why not? Well, Heather is very unapologetic about the driver's refusal to do his job. In fact, she's downright rude about it.

She wants us to meet the driver on the highway and haul the bed to our house in our Prius. We explained to her that we have the stomach flu in our house right now, and all of this is incredibly inconvenient. But no, she won't budge on it. So, we caved and said that if it's the only way to get the bed, we'd rather just get it over with.

But no! Heather decided not to schedule the delivery for today, but will schedule it for tomorrow instead. She's not even nice about it.

Stay away from this company at all costs.

They are a nightmare. When we looked them up online, we saw they have a ton of other bad reviews all over the internet.

Big surprise.You've been warned.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to have the product delivered. KatherineRoberts is overall dissatisfied with Amazon. The most disappointing about saia delivery service at Amazon was bad customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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