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Amazon.com needs to be shut down. I published my three children's books in Kindle Direct Publishing.

Was told by friends and family they bought my books however sales were never reported and royalties never paid. Now that I am fed up being ripped off by Amazon.com, they refuse to allow me to access my account and delete my books. They ARE however still publishing and selling my books and holding my copyrighted intellectual property HOSTAGE. Consumers and Sellers very simple DO NOT BUY AND DO NOT SELL on Amazon.com.

Im forced to file a complaint with the Atty Generals Office as Amazon will not reply to my email requests. Also please take not why AMAZON and other BIG CORPS have left the country, they think they are immune to the laws of the US as they hide offshore or in lawless 3rd world countries.

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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #919683

I'm currently having a problem with amazon as well. I placed 135 orders over the last few months.

One box with multiple items arrived totally damaged. CDs were broken/cases cracked, the prayer shawl I ordered was not even packaged, and had gotten tangled all up in the items sent. The cookie cutters were in a plastic container that had broken, due to very poor packaging, and the items spilled everywhere,etc. Book covers were totally bent, pages ruined, etc.

It was obvious that whoever packaged it didn't do a good job, so I requested to return the items. My return was immediately approved, so I sent the items back via UPS. However, Amazon then sent me a notice stating that since I'd violated their "policies" they were closing my account and I would no longer have access to it. When I requested that they send me a copy of my other orders, so I can track them and make sure they all arrive (since many have not yet arrived), they refused, stating that they could only help me if I could provide item names or order numbers.

I explained that I am unable to give them order numbers without ACCESS to my account! They do need to be shut down, as the customer has absolutely no control over anything under their own account, if Amazon decides to block them.

I had valid reason for my return but they seem to think otherwise, despite the fact that I wrote them WITH the reason before they approved the return! SO frustrating!!!

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