Ive been a customer for years which I feel is great for the company. However

I dont know why the same issue keeps happening with my packages

Ive made the suggestion on a few occasions for the delivery persons to

not only take a picture of the package at the door, in which they dont always do.

But take a picture of the door number. They are not taking the time to walk up the stairs Im not sure if thats laziness or in a hurry. I also suggested putting small packages in the mailbox. To avoid theft

Also my packages are sometimes left

On the floor in front of the apartment complex.

Thats an open invitation for someone to steal. I feel most people are honest however some folks arent

Customer service. Tell me thats a good suggestion that theyll pass in on to the higher ups. then the very next week i dont receive my apple iPods

Its been so frustrating.

As far as whether the issue has bee resolved

I asked for a refund.


Ms. Harvey

Location: La Plata, Maryland

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