I am sure I am not alone with this issue. I spent way too much time finding just the right Christmas gift for my daughter.

I had many options of where I could purchase it online, but Amazon Prime was the only one who promised a 2-day delivery. Since you cannot move the date (as in December 25th), I went with them. Guess what? They missed the deadline.

No notice, no nothing. So, this morning (the day after delivery was promised), I log into my account and read: "We're sorry your package is late. We don’t have a new delivery date, but we recommend waiting as it’ll usually arrive within a few days. Please come back Thursday if you still don't have it and we'll help you out.

Was expected Friday, December 22" What?! Who thinks this is okay? Really? What kind of lame-o customer service is this?

I realize the USPS is unreliable, so get a reliable carrier! OR - BE HONEST AND DON'T PROMISE DELIVERY WHEN YOU CANNOT FOLLOW THROUGH

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amazon Cons: Lack of delivery, Late delivery, Broken promise.

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I just ordered a USB cable with FTDI chip with NEXT DAY delivery as this was needed quickly. 10+ in stock and should be good to go?

NO. Due to shipping restrictions your order will be delayed.

What kind of shipping restrictions are there for a USB cable shipped to a US address? Unreal....


Nowadays its more like two business days, not two days. As long as you order before the cutoff time after which it ships the next business day (with delivery two business days after that). No carrier guarantees delivery (USPS, UPS, FEDEX) the closer you get to Christmas!


i had them tell me 2 states affected the shipment and that it had to be shipped from vendor to amazon to be shipped to me like a Half and half cup of bull from FBA and FBM give me a break im dont have prime any more because this is the 5 time in a year why pay when ebay has new and 2 day as well...


Amazing stinks. Lying crooks. There are MANY alternatives.


Amazon should be renamed lieazon “Order within 2 hours get it tonight “ truth is by the next night


I had the same experience and I’m so annoyed that I won’t be renewing my Prime membership. I’m sure it’s a scam to get you to buy something. Very poor service


Amazon raises the price of Prime but lies about shipping dates, 2 day delivery no longer happens, not sure what they did but it was a wrong move raising the price and extending shipping time! example, bought an item today June 3rd, said using prime would be June 7th or I can upgrade to rush shipping for free and get it June 5th, so I selected that, bought the item and the delivery date is June 12th ???? so i canceled the order.


You know what? I checked, and it turns out that Amazon keeps all the money you pay for Prime.

So of course the item costs more, because Amazon just made the seller give you free shipping!

The seller doesn't get part of your membership cost to cover the more expensive faster shopping! Amazon gets the money and then makes the seller ship faster at their own cost.


“Prime” my *** ! 2 day delivery my *** Placed an order that qualified for prime, the delivery took over 7 days. I’ll be shopping at Walmart from now on.


third time they say they delivered something and it hasn't beenplus I have two cameras that watch... lol so hows that work ?


Amazon two day shipment now takes 5-6 days and their 2 hr prime delivery takes 4-5hrs


I agree the Amazon delivery service is a disaster, the 2 day guaranteed delivery is now a fraud.


I just saw the Wal-Mart 2 Day Delivery Service commercial on TV tonight. Competition for Amazon! I guess I can no longer refer to Amazon as the 'Wal-Mart of online shopping'!


Also, if what Anon says is true (two days after Amazon ships the package), my shipment left CA on Dec. 21 (That was 6 days ago).

Even if you take out the weekend days and the holiday (Dec 25), that leaves 3 extra days to deliver this gift. But again, I guess I contact them tomorrow and hear what's up with my "guaranteed" 2-day delivery that has never arrived 7 days later.

Additionally, I really don't care if USPS is cheaper for Amazon. That is no excuse for poor customer service.

And, as for waiting to order, life happens sometimes and you go with who promises they can deliver.

But in our wonderful technologically savvy world, those promises really are just lies. Boo!


Thank you Anon! That explains why it is now December 27th (5 days past the "guaranteed" delivery date of December 22nd) and I still haven't received this package.

The *** part is that when I click on "track package" from their email, it shows that the package has supposedly been "out for delivery" to me (well technically they just list city and state) for three days in a row...logged at the exactly same time (12:04 p.m.). I'm scratching my head here. How is it possible it shipped from CA to my state, yet keeps going "out for delivery" but never arriving?

I don't trust anything they are saying. It just doesn't add up.


I paid for two-day shipping on an order (I'm not a Prime member), and the thank you email said the order will arrive in three days. When I contacted Amazon about their poor math skills, they replied that two-day shipping means you will get the order two days after they ship it.

So it doesn't matter when you place the order, they start counting the days whenever they decide to ship it.

So if they ship eight days after you order, and you receive it two days later (ten days after you place the order), Amazon claims they provided the two-day shipping you paid for! That seems like fraud to me.


Help me understand “Guaranteed” ? What does that mean to Amazon then?


This happens when you leave little time for unexpected delays so close to a holiday. Yes, USPS is unreliable, but for Amazon, they are cheaper to use.

However, Amazon Prime will tell us the delivery is "guaranteed" when it obviously is not. I have had this happen to me and it is usually because of the post office and their inefficiency.

Amazon does nothing about it, of course. Take a photo of the gift from the Amazon website and give it to your daughter saying "this is what you will receive as a Christmas gift when the post office gets around to delivering it."