5 months ago I ordered another head lamp from Amazon it was 44.95. ok.

That's a lil high but posed to be a good one. Well I never got it. Got a letter saying it could not be shipped for some reason.. I never got my money back.

Well I was not aware there's a club or something. Called Amazon prime I'm not sure what it is even for. Any how I just noticed the monthly charge of 10.95 coming right off my debit card. I've only ordered one thing 5 months ago.

It did not do me any good then. Sure as *** ain't doing me no good now. It's more than what I ordered. I see it as they are charging me for a service that no one is doing any thing.

They are just taking my money ever month. For nothing my god it's Amazon maybe the biggest company in the world. Getting my money ever month for absolutely nothing.

Why do they charge it ever month if you order something or not...ticks me off...

Next month I'm going to fuss about been verified. They suck to

User's recommendation: Stop paying it.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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