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I have(had) a Belk Mastercard. We no longer live where there is a Belk store so I never use it anymore but I am still getting a monthly charge from Amazon on that card for $13.77.

Why would I have an Amazon charge on that card. I spent hours yesterday trying to talk to a real person at Amazon to figure this out. Not once did I ever hear a real voice! I'm a big Amazon shopper and love it but when I need to figure something out why is there not someone I can actually talk to?

Out of frustration I cancelled my Belk Mastercard so now wondering where that Amazon charge will show up next.

I'm a 79-year-old lady and admittedly do not understand how all this technology works but I absolutely cannot make a connection between my Amazon account and my Belk account except they are both paid through Synchrony! Please help!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Mcallen, Texas

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