On 03/15/18 starting at 3:09AM, I called Amazon customer service to assist me on my Kindle HDX. I told the agent I was trying to ‘clear the furthest page read’ on my book.

I had moved the pages of the book to the beginning, ‘cleared the furthest page read’ on the website, 3 times, waited about 5 minutes and restarted my kindle. The story was still showing 100% read. The person asked me if it was red or green. I asked him what he was talking about?

He asked me to tell him what the kindle was doing again. I repeated myself. He said he was going to go talk to kindle customer service. He came back and said the kindle service department wanted to know ‘what error was it showing’?

I told him there wasn’t an error and if the kindle service person was asking that question, he needed to talk to someone else who knew a little bit about the actual issue. He went away and came back. He then transferred me to kindle customer service.

Amazon agent #2 asked me what the problem was and I retold me story. He asked me if I “had access to a computer right now”?

I told him “of course I had access to a computer that was how I went on the website and cleared the furthest page read”. I then asked to speak to someone else. He told me, he had to walk me through a process before he could transfer me. He then walked me through how to clear the furthest page read on the website.

When I told him the book on my kindle still showed 100% read, he had me delete the book off the kindle and he cleared the furthest page read and resent the book to my kindle, with no change. He then asked me to go into the book and tell him what the words were at the top right of the screen. I told there were only symbols. He asked me to tell me what the symbols did.

I was telling him what the symbols did. He stopped me just past the ‘x-ray’ icon and told me the ‘go to’ button should be next to it. Since I had just told him what icons were on both sides of the ‘x-ray’ icon, I was wondering if he had his hearing device turned up loud enough. So 41 minutes into the call, I asked to talk to a supervisor again.

After a short wait, I talked to a person claiming to be a supervisor.

He started asked me if I had gone to the website and cleared the ‘furthest page read’. I asked him if he wanted me to repeat my story of what has happened. He asked me if when I was in the book if there were symbols at the right side of the screen. I again asked him if he would like to hear my story of what has happened so far.

He stated he wanted me to tell him what the symbols were on the right side of the screen. So after a sigh and an effort to calm myself, I told him what they were. He then stated he needed to put me on a brief hold so he could pull up and image of what I was seeing on my kindle. He came back on the line and asked me to click the 3 lines on the left side of the screen and click the ‘go to’ button.

He then asked me if I had used this function before. I told him, “No. I used the slide button at the bottom of the screen to move the pages, when open, to the beginning of the book where you can see the pretty colored picture of the cover page. ” He then asked me, if I could access the beginning of the book, what the problem I was having?

At this point, I was wondering what kind of training these people had received if this was the “Supervisor” of kindle support. I repeated the reason why I was calling, “to get assistance ‘clearing the furthest page read’ in my book”. He then told me he was compiling information to create a ticket for the next department to look into the matter. He asked me if I had another kindle I could download the book on and see if the same problem existed on the second device or if it is a problem on Amazon’s end.

I couldn’t resist, I told him I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think the common individual would have two working devices. But I humored him and downloaded the book onto my second kindle. The book on the second kindle showed the book at 100%. He then asked me if I would see if the same problem insisted on other books.

We were now 48 minutes into the call. I am at the end of my rope. I told him I felt he had plenty of information for his ticket to escalate the issue to the tech department.

He then boldly told me he would note on the ticket I refused to see if the problem existed with any other books and started into his explanation he expected a response from the escalate team within 24 hours at which time he would call be to let me know what their findings were and wanted to know if there was anything else he could help me with. I was elated to tell him, “No, that is all I called for.” So after 49 minutes and 34 seconds, 3 customer service agents and a lot of frustration, my book is still showing at 100%.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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