A month ago I order a dinning room set from Moshya Home Furnishings through Amazon.com. It was to included four chairs and one table with glass table top.

After paying for my order in good faith, I then sat in wait for my order to arrive. What did I receive four chairs and a table bottom no top. After several emails, phone calls, to Moshya with no results. I turned too Amazon.

But first let tell you the accusations and threats that were thrown at me from the seller. I was told by the seller not once, but on several occasion that I refused the delivery of my table top. Which it turns out, UPS admitted that it was a driver error, and had nothing to do with the recipient. So after sending the table out again through the same carrier, I still didn't not receive my table top; nor did Moshya provide me wiyh tracking information, or ETA on delivery.

I was told by Moshya that it was my fault and that they had extended themselves enough financially in getting the table to me. Then I inquire from Amazon's A-Z guarantee service I was told by their "Team Lead Chris S the following: "Please note that issues related to Guarantee claims or credit card disputes are resolved via e-mail exclusively and there is no telephone support for this department.

I certainly understand your frustration in this matter.  Amazon does not have the table top to ship you.  As such, your requested resolution to ship you the missing component is not a resolution we are capable of offering.

 The seller likewise has already shipped the item to you twice and both times it has been returned to them as refused/undeliverable.  We are not able to compel them to be willing to continue incurring expenses in shipping items when it is evident that there is a problem in the delivery process which is preventing your receipt.  While you may request they send you a third item, Amazon is not able to obligate them to continue incurring losses of revenue.  It is at their discretion whether they are willing to continue attempting to replace the missing item." Wow!

I can't begin to tell you how many more rude an unhelpful emails like this that I have.

Again they both Amazon and Moshya are placing the blame and responsibility in the lap of the customer, offering no resolution to the matter. All I want is the product I paid for, is that too much to as from these sellers?!?

Monetary Loss: $175.

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I have been waiting for my order for three weeks. they said it was shipped still nothing.


did they ship it as I can't trace it using the ups number they have given me. Not a big order

but I have paid for it and would like to get it.


OMG! I wish I had read all this stuff about this fraudulent company before I ordered....I'm going through the same stuff pretty much....my table was suppose to be here almost 3 weeks ago....they do not respond and have provided me with a bogus tracking number and keep giving me the run around....still no table


Same issue, literally got threatened that if i report them to amazon they will destroy my business!!!