Delivery was for 4-29-11 then 4-30-11 my amazon Ipod left Itasca IL was out for delivery 12 hours but nerer made it 30 miles away to Carpentersville, Il as of 1:20 PM 5-1-11 the item is still out for delivery and not at my house.they should sub it out to Fedex or UPS or Even US mail This is not a true delivery service when they return it back to their Itasca base and not delivering it when they were alreaqdy in Carpentersville This also gives Amazon a black eye and may cause customers to shop with someone that has a real delivery service

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When add an intermediary such as UPS and they screw up it is your problem, so your customer should address it with you and hold you accountable and you (Amazon) it is your responsibility to deal with UPS. Good business come on.


Amazon to my knowledge does not personally deliver products. They have UPS, USPS or whomever, deliver it. Your problems is with one of them.

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