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Something has happened lately to Amazon. For years I heard from friends and family about Amazon's amazing customer service, the myriad of amazing products & expedited shipping.

I signed up in Dec for ALL of my Christmas presents and EVERY SINGLE Amazon transaction has been a nightmare. Not received, companies that no longer operate, 2 day shipping is more like 5-7 days, drivers are awful in their lies of multiple attempts - yet no one is seen on any of our 6 home cameras having made any attempts to even drive by the house & God forbid don't try to make a return...... Any returns made (once you are done arguing with them about it 1st) they don't apply back to my Amazon card to which I made the original purchase but instead I racked up a credit of almost $200. (For the record, 1 credit actually went back to my card without asking for that type of refund - all others, they chose for me) The customer service reps are ill equipped to make any decisions, the hold button or mute button seems to be the way of their service and that is if you can understand what the person is saying.

After accruing my nearly $200 credit, somehow, they 'couldn't' take the membership dues from the credit and they were still charged to my Amazon card.. I have given them several opportunities to prove it was a fluke as I believe companies all have employees that have bad days, they are human, but after the last 20+ contact attempts via chat, email and phone, unless every single employee is having a bad life, there is no excuse for the poor service for a place you have to pay for.. They should be giving away prime memberships..

If you haven't already signed up for a prime membership - DON'T DO IT!!!! (Not even the free trial)

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Membership.

Reason of review: just about all of the above .

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