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I was at some point deceptively charged for "Amazon Prime" an annual $79.00 charge. At no point do I recall authorizing this charge and demand that I receive documentation supporting this charge. I intend to file a complaint with the State of Michigan Attorney Generals office. I realize that Amazon has already meticulously positioned itself for such occurrences. But consider the negative impact on these actions. I have previously purchased items, music, clothes, etc... This has ended my trust in your company has been ruined and I demand that my account be terminated. I have requested a refund and threw a email confirmation it was explained to me that refunds can take up to 3 days to process. Why then are purchases instantaneously?

I would would like to speak to whomever came up with this repulsive ploy to defraud it's customers out of their hard earned money.

Review about: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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Actually the OP just never read the terms when they clicked click here for free 2 day shipping.

With the little * that said a bunch of legal terms and 79 annual fee.


OP you are ridiculous, this is not specific to Amazon, here's what it is.

Prime is a subscription based charge. That means it has recurrent billing. So the renewal of service is automatic and they tell you this when you are signing up for prime. 72 hours for a refund is not an unreasonable amount of time, it falls in line with what is standard.

Credit card companies and retailers or service providers have these arrangements already made. This is why credit card charges will continue to bill for aprox 90 days to an old card number when you change your credit card number. It's set up this way.

Amazon did nothing wrong, you just don't understand how the billing works, this happens with anyone that offers a service that has a credit card on file for recurrent billing.


Okie lets call them out. Numbers never lie.

Amazon please post the number of inactive accounts. If everyone knows what they got it should be 0! Reading other posts where people who have real charge cards might not notice a annual one time charge there IS more than 0. I oticed it because Im not super rich and it came out of my debit account.

The same account that now only has $20 and I'm at a loss till payday for me and my kids.

Sorry my poverty disturbs your otherwise isolated affluant exsistance. Go back to the country club and pretend everything is still perfect my pretty.


"At no point do I recall authorizing this charge" Exactly. just because you don't recall doing it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Sorry, but after years of dealing with Amazon, I find it hard to believe that they somehow mistakenly charged you. Also, 3 days to process a refund is perfectly reasonable, it is the credit card companies and banks they use that determine the timeline, not Amazon.

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