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Amazon Fresh-You now have to spend $299 to use Amazon Fresh. I use it about four times a year. Who in their right mind would pay $300 a year to have groceries delivered four times? There is no way to opt out. Other grocery delivery places charge $10 per delivery unless you order over a certain amount. I spent 2 1/2 hours navigating their site only to find out at checkout that I had no choice but to cancel the order or sign up get my groceries and cancel. It took me another hour to reach someone as I originally thought due to their advertisement that this was some sort of add-on to Prime Now that allowed you to pick a set # of items you usually have to restock weekly and have it delivered. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was actually more of a delivery fee. I'm already a member of Prime and am growing more discontented with it as the 2 day free shipping is now more often than not ineligible for the items I purchase and the prime video changed their connection so now you have to scroll through all of their movies in no particular order to find something you actually want to watch. There used to be a lot of good shows and movies on it, they've removed a lot of them and you have to rent them now but the B movies and *** no one wants to watch is still on there. Amazon was doing so well for a while. They were anticipating our needs and growing in those areas. I don't know who is in charge of all the Prime stuff but they are seriously screwing it up and I'm about to cancel all of my membership here.
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  • Horrible customer service
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Too big for your britches
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If you want to branch out into service delivery, then you need to make it easy for customers to access your stuff and not get charged a ton of money for it.

Amazon in Seattle, Washington - 2 day delivery...BALONEY!!!

I have been an Amazon Prime member for many years. My paid membership entitles me to 2 day delivery. TO MY DOOR. Up until recently I have been very happy with Amazon. Now they are delivering most of my packages via FedEx Smart Post, which means the items are delivered to the post office, not my home. The problem is I do not have US Mail delivery to my home. Therefore when Amazon sends items via FedEx Smart Post, this adds an average of 2 to 4 additional days to the delivery time, because the post office doesn't know what to do with it since I don't have US Mail delivery to my home. This also means I have to drive 10 miles one way to the post office to pick up my package. I have complained. Even though they could ship my packages via UPS or the normal Fed Ex services as they did in the past, they refuse to help me. Their attitude is "tough cookies" basically. After that, I asked in my email correspondence to speak with a supervisor or manager, and was told the matter was finished. How is this decent customer service?
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