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Apparently back in March 26 or 27th I selected subscribe and save on Ceresto collars obviously at that time it gave me percentage off I canceled that order due to the fact I wasnt sure of the size and it did not have my size of a small for the other dog so obviously today I went to purchase the Ceresco collars selected subscribe and save and it did not give me my 25% off this time I was told from Amazon that they are not able to give me the 25% off because it showed that I selected it before and it was used however it was never used because I didnt purchase it at that time I find it hard to believe a company that freaking big big cannot figure out a way to give me that offer, cause it was never processed as a complete order. The first lady wanted to give me a $25 gift card credit second lady wanted to give me 15 I told her forget it I didnt want either of them because I should be entitled to the 25% off that was not used back in March and that I wanted to use today unbelievable I get tired of speaking to foreigners at this place they totally are hard to understand and speak very poor English. And The automated thing when you first call is ridiculous its useless to and you just cannot send a message to Amazon to say I need help with something unless you have a order that you want to cancel out Im so over Amazon this will be the last time I order anything Im gonna pay off my bill and cancel my account

User's recommendation: Cancel your subscription through Amazon because they are not all about customer service.

Preferred solution: They need to figure out how to give a customer for a percentage off especially if I never use that percentage to begin with I canceled the order.

Amazon Pros: Non.

Amazon Cons: Not giving the customer what they deserve, Have a me talk to agents that are not english speaking.

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The 25% you received and did not use was sent to you and your IP address noted. The site keeps track that you received the offer.


It is not amazon offering the coupon. It clearly states “visit the store to SUBSCRIBE and SAVE”.

Did you visit seresto to subscribe and save and get the coupon? How dumb are you?