So I ordered a pair of headphones because my old ones were cutting in and out, I decided to pay extra for the shipping to get the package the next day. Its also important to note here that I also chose to use their lockers since there wouldn't be anyone home and I was tired of packages being left on my door step for anyone to take.

The following day I checked my packages progress after work, and noticed that it was attempted to be delivered multiple times to a locker but was failing every time due to no free locker being available. I should of expected something like this since there aren't that many lockers at the location I chose in the first place, and amazon's customer support was kind enough to refund me the extra delivery cost because I wasn't able to pick it up that day.

However the next time I check its status it said arrival, but there was no code given to me to open the locker. I wasn't sure if that meant it was delivered or scanned at some intermediate drop off point before they would try to deliver it again, so I called customer support, who ensured me that the package was delivered and that the reason I didn't have my code was because generating and delivering the code could take up to 6 hours after delivery. So I wait for my code.

The next day I check again and apparently what they told me wasn't true. As the status again showed that it was still being attempted to deliver my package to the lockers and was still failing because of a lock of free lockers. This part was probably the most upsetting since I was just ensured that my package was successfully delivered to the lockers.

Currently I am on day 3 of waiting for my headphones, and since its a friday I am probably not going to get my delivery until early - mid next week. I know the locker system is kind of a new thing so something like this is probably to be expected, but it would have been nice if they would have given me the option to have it delivered to a different pick up location. Like the local canada post office, which I know from past experience probably wouldn't have this kind of issue. Probably won't be using the lockers ever again (atleast not until more get installed), and wouldn't recommend it either.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Amazon Cons: Being mislead.

Store Location: 3997 Highway 7 E, at Whole Foods, Markham, ON L3R 5M6, Canada

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