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Dear Suspended Amazon User,

Have you been suspended from Amazon? Did you make one small mistake, run out of inventory, or had too low of a feedback score? Any of these could easily lead to a permanent ban/suspension of your Amazon account. This means, even if you create another one, they will still close down your new account in a matter of days before you can even start selling again. Erasing your cookies and changing your IP address will NOT fix the problem. Amazon is using specific advanced methods in tracking users, and this will all be explained in great depth in AmazonStealth!

If you have tried to get back on Amazon and constantly get blocked and linked to your old account, then this guide is for you! We GUARANTEE we will get you back on Amazon and selling again, with no risk of getting caught ever again! Be completely anonymous and remain a seller on one of internet's most visited retail sites! If you do decide to pass up on this ebook, please understand you WILL GET LINKED by Amazon. They have advanced techniques which surpass any other company in linking accounts. This includes eBay as well. Don't expect to be able to get on Amazon the same way you get back on ebay.

Here comes the best news: Our methods of getting back on Amazon is 100% LEGAL and SAFE! Yes, by following our steps you will not be breaking any laws or even Amazon's Policy Statement. We have designed our methods specifically for those looking to get back on Amazon and have not been successful because they either get linked again or get blocked by Amazon over and over again with no help! Now there is help and don't miss out this opportunity!

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I need this contact me..


would love the book


hey PLEASE i need this for college money! can you help ?




If you check this any more could you please send me Amazon Stealth Ebook. Thanks.


I too want the eBook. How do I get it?



Amazon REWARDING Sellers that BREAK the law and closed my account because I did not!

Amazon Complaint by FPD

I sell hunting equipments, and per different States and City laws, I cannot sell/ship certain items to restricted places. For example, cannot ship bow and arrow to NY City, or Ninja throwing star.

Amazon allow to sell those items and have many sellers selling them, and they sell some of them too.

As a result of the sales restrictions I had to cancel those orders for restricted areas and my pre-cancellation went high to 10% (because I am abiding by the laws as should) and AMAZON suspended my account.

I proved to amazon that those items have restrictions and should be execluded from the metrics, or metrics should change for them. You cannot expect to uphold same metric in this case for both books and hunting stuff, as one category of products have no restriction laws while the other does.

Amazon said, either list them and you have to meet the metrics (meaning I have to break the law since 10% of orders I cannot ship legally ship), or not sell those items at all!!!!

I told them, you are rewarding the sellers who are actively selling those items and can only be meeting the low metrics by breaking the law (or they do not focus on hunting thus numbers are averaged).

They got unhappy and said u have low buying satisfaction experience... I told them this is not satisfaction experience, this is a laws that we all have to uphold... Also asked them for solution to show the restrictions in the product detail page on Amazon and also show the seller comment for that item (which I indicate the restrictions in) at the customer order confirmation page because they do not (makes no sense why not despite the many requests)...

So simply this is a Metric issue and Legal Exception issue for those items, not Seller-Performance issue... so they shut down my account completely now!

Guys, to sell on Amazon it is a requirement to break the laws... they know they are rewarding bad sellers and closing good law abiding ones to satisfy the bottom line! :(

If this happen to you and so common as Amazon is full of it, and both TAM and Seller-Performance care about is not you or your interest... so, I am getting the stealth product as we are not dealing with legitimate business, we are dealing anymore with Fraud Monster called!


I want the AmazonStealth Ebook!!

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