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Amazon Fresh delivery trucks wake us up repeatedly at 3AM. The trucks are bang over speed bumps, open and slam doors, open customer boxes, and generally make a racket.

Then they start of the engine and the back alarm goes off: beep, beep, beep. Then they drive next door and so the same thing. There's no sleeping through it. The city says that Amazon Fresh won't even respond and basically ignore them.

Like construction trucks they should only deliver after 7AM.

If Amazon is really a consumer oriented company, they will take into consideration their effects on others sleep.

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Woodinville, Washington, United States #574408

I too have a beef with the amazon delivery trucks stopping in front of my next door neighbors house at 3am. What could be so important that it has to get there while people should be sleeping.

Even though the guy seemed to be trying to be quite at 3am any noise seems louder when it is the only one. I was especially disturbed this time because I know my neighbors are out of town.

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