I became a victim of identity theft then became the victim of fraud & identity theft. It began with me not being able 2 get into my Amazon account.

I would go through the process of changing my password but was unable to do so & then called Amazon. Customer Service person could not verify my identity because it did not match the delivery address. I expressed my concern since I had just received a delivery a few days before. Then I get a call from people saying someone was intending 2 purchase an iPhone 13 online on my account.

I said it wasn't me. They told me they were from your Fraud department. I ended up getting scammed for $5,000. All this time I could not get a hold of anyone at Amazon.

I tried number after number. Being able to reach a live person sucks.

Finally, I was able to get control of my computer after the scam. I was given a fraud # by your service person, but no one answered at that number.

User's recommendation: Publish a number where people can speak to live person to verify whether you have fraud person working on a case.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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