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Update by user Mar 22, 2021

It hasn't. I Keep calling the customer service and they keep telling me that we email the email already sent several times they will do nothing in find out they can't get ahold of another department even though their fortune 500 company this is wrong they've stolen off of a child.

I mean I know that money is nothing to them but it's everything to my son. An what kind of fortune 500 company can't even get ahold of another department saying that I gotta get ahold of the account management department but can't put me in contact with them because they have no idea how to reach them or the number to get nothing they can't transfer they can't to fraud department no legal department nothing customer service doesn't help with *** they have the worst customer service I've ever seen. The small little stores like Dollar Tree, or Kroger's, any of them have a better customer service than this fortune $500 company. So now I am talking to a lawyer and the news station to get my son's story out there.

An to show other people exactly what Amazon does to gain some of their profits and how they treat their Younger customers. They take advantage of them by stealing off of them. This is wrong on so many levels and their just gonna try and get away with it. Even tho if this was an everyday person.

This is considered Felony Theft because of the amount of money my son has had stolen from him by Amazon. I want to press charges as I would anyone else. Their not above the laws. Well their not suppose to be.

I want to press charges on behalf of my son for felony theft. An allow a judge to see how they stole from a child. My child.. A child that did nothing wrong and has proof.

Someone has to show this company that they are not above the law and they will not get away with breaking Our Laws of the Land. It's wrong to steal. To take something or money from someone without their permission That in any case belongs to them. That is stealing, and it's against the law.

This was my son's money in Amazon waited until he loaded it on to their site and then they stop his account and i doing so kept his money. That's stealing. Where does that money go. I mean their not allowed to use it.

So where does the money go. I know where. After so long it will go to them because it's locked in their company's site. so it might be down the road but no matter what it goes to them.

An they stole it. I want my son's $1700 back and at this point then some. At this point they have completely changed the way he looks at the world. He now has a hate and anger him in that was not there before..

They have fundamentally changed my son in the way he thinks people are. I've tried to teach him nothing but good. That if you put out good into the world it will come back to you. He has done nothing wrong and he put so much good out in the world he does every day.

An this is what he got back by a company that was he was supposed to be able to trust. They should be ashamed of themselves. I'm here protect son and I am not allowing this to happen to my him. That my son.

An this is wrong.

An should be made right. Something we shouldn't be having to fight for.

Original review posted by user Mar 17, 2021

As of the moment you guys have done nothing short of stealing $1700 off of my underage 17 year old son. He had gotten his money from selling His quad bike earlier the day he made this purchase.

The people buying it had paid into cash because hes under age and he doesn't have a debit card or bank account. Because what he wanted was on Amazon he went in to our local grocery store and purchased for Amazon gift cards and altogether loaded $1700 onto these gift cards. He then went home and loaded this to his Amazon account he made the purchase. A few minutes later Amazon email him stating that they are cancelling his purchase in lock to account due to prajal activity to please send in proof of purchase.

*** because my son is 17 he doesn't understand how important receipt is not something that he kept due to the fact he 17. I talk to the Amazon customer service over the phone he said that's quite all right go back to the store he bade the purchase from and they will be able to print him out a duplicate and then just send that in and then we will be able to unlock his account. We've done that. And listen in pictures with that that has pictures of him with the gift cards and the numbers on him and etc I gave them the manager's number demanded to talk to at the store the manager also advised that she has a video of him making the purchases of the gift cards there should be no Room for denying him instead Amazon has now said thank you for replying in incenting in what we ask for but we are Unable to verify the details to your payment.

I don't know how it's printed up pretty clear. Save and to him a leader email stating that they are going to close his account in not respond to the matter anymore even though I've given them the address where he got the gift cards from the manager's name her phone number to the store. The date they were purchased the time they were purchased plus along with the print out from the store of the purchase and the gift cards that he himself is holding in his hands to show the numbers. The date they were purchased the time they were purchased plus along with the print out from the store of the purchase and the gift cards that he himself is holding in his hands to show the numbers This amount of money is nothing to a billion dollar company that is everything to 17 year old boy and nobody could help me with this matter nobody can give me the number for the fraud department for Amazon nothing all they keep telling me to do is to send back in the same information the same photos that I've sent them 5 times that I keep getting automated return message that tells me nothing.

I am not gonna allow this to go. His 17 years old he did nothing wrong nobody did anything wrong but you're department. This is what happens when you use an automated system to handle human problems.

Get the *** robot out there get a Cuban decent human being that can talk to me on the phone result my issue. As of right now the only human beings that I believe to talk to on the phone have not been given any penetrating any kind of information to be able to help a customer on the phone tell me why the robots have more of a say so than your humans running your company.

User's recommendation: As of the moment not a chance.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Pros: No good, I dont know.

Amazon Cons: N customer service.

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Amazon does not care anymore about their customers. I just wish that I could to ask all people to STOP USING AMAZON!

This company is destroing American economy, American industry, American jobs - future of our children and generations after us. We are feeding the beast that is bringing disaster to our country!


Amazon does not care about their customers...totally agree! I sent my kindle in 4 years ago for service because it was still under warranty.

Their computer tech. that fixed my kindle somehow put his Russian email into my account and has been making charges on my account for years. Dispute these charges with Amazon and got nowhere. First I had to try and prove that I was the account holder...not their computer tech.

They did not even try to investigate if this person still worked for them. He/She has made video and music charges to my account. They have only refunded me 1 year of the music charges and I am still out hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Now I find out that they have also changed information within my Kindle using the beginning part of their Russian email with @***.com as the rest of their email.

This in itself shows where the liability stands. Still Amazon will do nothing. I asked that they replace my Kindle since all of this happened so that I may start fresh. No...they will not compensate.

They cannot refund all the the video charges because they say I need the techs email address, which I have, but also his or her billing address. Unbelievable!

We all need to come together for a class action lawsuit against Amazon. They have gotten too big and they know this.


Okay bye


I know, Amazon had me to buy gift cards years ago that l got no credit from, and l'm old enough to be his granny! This time one of their emp.

Kevin, ID #AMZ565**** used my info to purchase cards from Targets and Best Buy, not caring how l'm suppose to eat until my next Soc. Sec.

check. Amazon as a business may be ok, but TOO many of their employees have NO MORALS, they will rob the young and disabled elderly, watch out!


Did he really lose $1700? Many states consider a 17 year old a minor not able to get credit or do anything an 18 year old can do without a parental consent form in writing.

If he indeed is a minor he can tell Amazon to pound sand unless you signed a parental rights form? The parent is actually on the hook.

@Andre L Pvo

Great lesson for the youth of today. Deception and theft are acceptable.. Hopefully, you don't have children.


Calling824Oll8931 customer