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Update by user Jul 19, 2012

Added on July 19- The reason I bought this item from Amazon was because I was offered a $30 discount if I applied and was accepted for an Amazon Chase credit card. The card arrived today and the package is still 2 days and 37 miles away!

Original review posted by user Jul 18, 2012

I ordered 2 items- one eligible for free shipping, one not. The one with paid shipping was shipped the next day.

The free shipping package took 5 days to ship- it was shipped right after I complained to both the seller and Amazon. In Amazon's return email they stated that they shipped orders in a way that was most economical to them and offered to sell me an upgrade for faster shipping in the future. The seller said that he had no responsibility for how Amazon fulfilled the purchase.

I think the delivery companies might also be involved. My package, scheduled to be delivered on the last estimated delivery date, will take 5 days to travel 215 miles. It's been sitting in a FEDEX SMARTPOST facility for 2 days.

I should have spent 2 more dollars and bought the item on Ebay...

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I used to love prime but it is going down hill. AMAZON is getting greedy and the prices aren't even that good anymore.

Brought all HALLOWEEN candy last year way overpriced THIS YEAR. wALMART got that 100.00 business.

not sure why amazon doesn't have the same level of overhead.


This is odd because i just placed an order from AMAZON and Guess what i recieved an e-mail the same day stating my product has shipped all ready.I think that you are confuseing how your product is being delivered.If your product is being delivered by your USPS then yes it can take up to 5 To 6 day's.And even if your product is being delivered by UPS OR FEDEX it still can take that amount of time to be delivered to your home.I have only paid extra once for my product to be delivered the next day and Guess what i recieved my product the next day as stated and I reside in Texas.


They are absolutely trying to get more people to join Prime! I have been ordering from Amazon for years, and never had an issue until recently.

Usually I submitted an order, with free shipping, and it was at my house in 2-5 days. In Sept. I placed an order on the 6th, and just received it today, Oct. 2...almost a month later.

The item was in stock, they were just holding it so I didn't get it in a timely fashion. I'm not going to be blackmailed to order a subscription!

I'll happily shop elsewhere. Although, if you know someone with Prime (and I do) here's a little tip to use it yourself: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-18438_7-20024644-82/amazons-free-shipping-secret/


I have experienced the same slow shipping issue one too many times now. I think Amazon is purposely delaying shipment to try to entice people to buy Prime.

I will now use Amazon as my last choice instead of the first since their shipping is too slow compared to any of their competitors. I am not willing to join Prime when I can go and order somewhere else for a similar price and get the item in a few days.


I order from amazon frequently and I have never had this issue. I have always received my items by the estimated date and most frequently receive the utems earlier.

Of course, if I need the item sooner, I do fork over the money for the faster shipping. I've only had one item that I had to wait for and the item was on back order and not in stock, which was clearly displayed when I purchased it.


When I complained about the slow shipping, Amazon also suggested I fork over the extra $ for Amazon Prime. I doubt I'll be buying from Amazon often enough to make it worthwhile.

I just find it aggravating that I can place an order with, say Staples, in the afternoon and, with free shipping, it travels a farther distance and is delivered the next morning and an order with Amazon, which had a higher total cost, takes 10 days to arrive.


I fork over the extra $ and pay for the Amazon Prime membership. I shop on Amazon quite frequently (several orders a month).

Prime membership pays off.

Countless times I'd qualify for free two day shipping and would receive my order the following day. More often than not I'd receive it earlier than expected.