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I just filed a complaint about amazons customer service with the BBC & im going to keep trying to see if i can get some 1 whos from the United States to help me with my problem bc im very sick of dealing with reps from the middle east or India just keep causing me stress.

Id expect this to happen from dell even microsoft at times but with amazon on repeated assaults & gettin sweared & threatened over the phone by some 1 who is working for amazon & is middle eastern or Indian from India repeated times is just outstanding.

I got over what 8 recording of phone conversations i had with amazon last week & now a 18 minutes ago i get threatened over the phone by amazon customer service rep

& i very close to filing a law suit

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: Most of their products, Ease of checkout, Ease of use, Fun to use.

Amazon Cons: Terrible customer service, Verbally assaulting customers, Threating customers, Causing customers very serious stress.

  • Very Bad Customer Service
  • Very Bad Customer Relations
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It's really not surprising they won't deal with you; your rant here does nothing to describe any actual issue, other than identify you as an irate racist whose only hobby is whining.

Your English is horrific as well, certainly worse than the service reps you can't stop crying about.

Come back after you've sobered up and try again.....


wow for the person who is so brave to comment but afraid to post who you are. how is he being racist, because he can identify that the people he is talking to are from overseas somewhere.

I totally agree with him on that.

Hard to explain a problem when the person on the other end has a hard time speaking English. Lets keep jobs here in the U.S.

@i hate amazon

I honestly think anonymous writer's are just trolls most of the time. I agree keep jobs in the US not off shore.


It's called freedom of speech & its under the US constitution. Don't like it to bad.