The United States postal services postal workers straight up lie about deliveries. Ive spent thousands of dollars with amazon and recently 4/5 times a USPS delivery is marked as delivered in my mailbox but its never there.

I wont use amazon anymore because they dont allow customers to see who is doing the shipping before purchasing. They dont care, they give me a credit but dont bother making it right or seeing it doesnt happen again.

Amazon used to be so much better. Glad my membership is up next month WILL NOT BE RENEWING

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Anonymous - What are you talking about? It is not obvious how it is shipping.

All it said for my shipping was "2 day Prime Shipping". that doesn't say who is delivering it.

My package is now 4 days late and USPS isn't even updating the tracking information. It's Amazon's fault when they chose USPS in the first place.


You do realize that the problem is with the post office and not Amazon right? And when you check out the shipping type is listed right there in plain site. Just completed an order today and it was clear how it would be shipping.


I would agree. I used to receive my Prime packages. Now I have to stop at the post office on Saturday morning to pick them up.



Please stop screaming with the all capital letters format.

There is no need to form a participle.

" Will not renew " is adequate.