Overland Park, Kansas
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They have raised the annual Prime membership from $79 to $119 in... five?

... years. And now, their delivery "service" AMZL, is in the mix. I think this is where I get off the train.

They've lost three orders in a ROW. Can't limit my account to UPS/USPS only, so it looks like I'll not renew. Sad that success has led to such a STEEP decline in their service levels. Can't reach a human without a great deal of effort and, when you do, in a chat, they're apparently in New Delhi and they switch you from person to person, so that each has to say "please let me read through the chat, so I can help you" or some such.

Nobody actually resolves the problem, though. Thoroughly disgusted with Amazon. Looks like I'll be going back to brick-and-mortar stores...

maybe Walmart. com.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: Variety of products.

Amazon Cons: Poor delivery service from amazon.

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I have only had to return twice to Amazon (once several years ago and once a few months ago) and never had a problem either time. The last time I purchased small desktop speakers a few months ago but only the right one worked so with 45 minutes of receiving and trying them, I went to the UPS store by me (about 1 mile) and sent it off using the Amazon prepaid label.

It was immediately credited to my credit card even before it was actually received and then I saw on my account they had been received.

I did speak to a couple of representatives prior to sending them back and they were very helpful. I do not have Prime Membership and the last couple of orders were delivered in two days anyway.


I soooo feel your anger! AMZL has lost 3 packages in 2 weeks.

Amz customer support is a JOKE, and they have the audacity to send the ol' "Did I solve your problem?" message after every contact. Everything is scripted, the support robots cannot think for themselves, and AMZL is untouchable when they lose anything.

I hate Walmart, but in desperate times I will try ordering from them instead! Seems their delivery is faster as well....