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Your Amazon driver has delivered packages to my home at 688 Niagara Falls Blvd., Tonawanda NY 14223 and the packages are neighbors packages not mine. I dont order from Amazon.

I dont want to work for Amazon so tell your drivers to deliver to correct address.

Im not happy with your driver dropping off packages at my home and then Im forced to deliver them to correct address..

Just spoke to an Amazon rep and she said that the driver can only pick up the package if there were 2 or more packages. I asked her so Im suppose to deliver, she said nothing. I told her so this means I have to make the delivery.

She said, if it happens again call us to make another report. I told thats more time taken from me because your driver is not doing his job.

This stinks do your job right Amazon.

Preferred solution: Your driver to deliver packages to correct address..

Location: 688 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Buffalo, NY 14223

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