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I ordered a gift card back in December 10th for $50 dollars that was expected to go to my father for his gift on Christmas Eve day. Without my consent or authorization the order was cancelled with no email explanation.

I called customer service to get an explanation but they cannot give one. They told me my order is pending and that I need to call my bank to get it approved. So I wont to the bank and see if they can approve it but they told me its not on their end and that Amazon needed to approve the pending order. So I called back Amazon again and all they told me was that they can cancel my purchase so that I can reorder it.

Cancel an order that was cancelled already? again without my consent or authorization. Im a Amazon prime account holder and Ive never seen so much unprofessionalism and lack of answering my questions and concerns. Im very upset with Amazons services.

Ive never had to deal with things like this before. Now I have no gift to send to my father because up the cancellation that shouldve never happened.

Thank you Amazon for ruining Christmas even tho I payed for the gift card two weeks in advance. Hope youre all satisfied with yourselves.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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It seems that Amazon is using customer service agents who were trained by penny stock boiler room con artists. They tell the customer anything that will make them go away. Best bet when you realize that fact is to keep them on the line as long as possible; it wrecks their stats and will cause them pain.