I received a shower curtain rod that was not as it described it did not span the width that it said it would span. So I requested a return.

When UPS came to pick up the package They picked up a light assembly that had just been delivered. So the light assembly was sent back to EJay via Ups pick up. After multiple attempts to contact all the players involved I have not received any answers. Where is my light assembly why did I have to pay to have another one delivered?

Why did you credit me for the shower curtain rod before you received the item? Answer because you received notification from UPS that they had picked up the item but they did not they picked up the wrong item so I would like credit back for the light assembly which was picked up and I have sent back the curtain rod even though you had credited me back those monies.

Im a long time an Amazon client Im not looking for any freebies but Im also not looking to be treated like a second class citizen. Please please resolve your issues with your deliveries and your customer service thank you in advance

Location: Petaluma, California

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