I have had an unauthorized payment for Amazon Prime coming off of my card every month since I believe September, from and account that is not even mine. I found in November, called, got my refund for it, and asked them to give me the information to report the user to authorities and the bank, to which they told me they could not do.

They told me they would deactivate the account so that they could no longer use the card, so I thought the problem had been solved. I was again charged this December WHILE I WAS AT THE MALL CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! The customer service supervisor that I spoke to argued and argued with me after arguing with the initial customer service representative. I finally got my refund for that charge and informed me that my card had been charged to that account since September, yet refused to refund me for all those payments that I did not authorize.

I was upset and thoroughly disgusted by how little they cared and how little they did to fix the issue! Right before Christmas at that! That is enough to lose all trust for the site, like so many others.

They did not fix my issue pr insure any type of security, so I had to get a new card, and refused to buy anything I had planned for Christmas, OR sign up for my BABY REGISTRY this year in fear that I would have more unresolved issues like this. NOT trustworthy AND DID NOT GIVE ALL THE UNAUTHORIZED PAYMENTS BACK.

User's recommendation: NOT recommended for security, unresolved issues, improper refund, extremely unsatisfied.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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