I ordered a big and tall desk chair for a Christmas present for my 80 year old Father. I was very excited for the arrival.

My dad is a tall man and most chairs are to small. The chair arrived on time however when it arrived the box had been retapped as if it had been opened prior. My dad put the chair together and found the chair was missing a arm. This makes me very unhappy.

My dad lives 89 miles from a UPS store. He lives in the country far from a large city. This means I will be driving 200 miles round trip to pick up the chair and returning it. Ive called and explained this situation to Amazon and was told to return the chair and they would refund me $5.

This is very insulting, then Amazon offered me $25 refund.

To drive to my dads and drive to a UPS store to return the chair it will cost me $100 dollars in gasoline. Im a very pissed off consumer Angry

Location: Walnut Creek, California

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