I tried ordering some products on the 11th my payment wouldnt go through. I called Amazon to see if it was something on their end that they can do and they could not figure it out themselves and told me it was probably an issue with my bank.

They proceeded to tell me that I would have to try to re-order everything when I get it straightened out.

I than called my sister to order the items from her end for me and have it shipped to my address a few days later I receive all my items 1 of them was a cabinet thinking this is the one my sister ordered from me and it wasnt I guess Amazon continued to try and get the payment for this one cabinet and some how went through with out my knowledge a day later I get a second cabinet.

One cabinet was damaged I sent pictures via email to the guy I was speaking with so he sent a return label and said someone will pick it up on Monday and the didnt

So not only did I have to Disassemble a unit and build another. I have a small home and its sitting in a big box In the middle of my kitchen I cant carry it

And I havent been Reimbursed

I hope they do come today because this is not cool

Location: Cassville, New Jersey

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