I have been banned permanently from making seller and product reviews, there is no reason given by Amazon or its CSR's except that I 'violated their community guidelines' but they will not tell me which ones or how. The only instance I can track this too is that I bought some Tide laundry detergent and in a review I said I liked it and I bought it from Amazon because it was cheaper, yes, that's all I said.

Amazon banned me once before for a year because I received a product from a seller that I never received so that is what I wrote in the review, I also noted that they gave me a refund quickly and were nice about it. I understand there are some that abuse Amazon but I'm not one of those and it really irritates me that I cannot leave reviews for products I enjoy. I've seen others leave scathing reviews of products or say they only use this or that product and like it and they are always still posting reviews.

Bottom line Amazon bans people for no good reason and when you complain that they are unfair they ban you for life. If I could find an alternative to Amazon I would.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Review Listing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Stop banning people from making reviews without reason.

Amazon Cons: Ban peoples reviews say they liked a product they purchased.

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