I recently sold an item on Amazon and thought the fees seemed a little high. Upon review of their policies, I found that I was being charged the 15% fee upon the grand total of the order which is the item plus shipping costs (also gift wrapping if you choose that option).

Really!!!!!!!! I'm getting charged a fee on the shipping charges, and then have to turn around and buy shipping from them for the item? This is total BS. If you think I am making this up, I am including the description of fees from their website.

About the gift wrapping, they will charge you to gift wrap the item if you choose and then charge you 15% of the cost of gift wrapping for a referral fee.

Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!Directly copied from Amazon Seller Central:Referral FeesSellers pay a referral fee on each item sold.For media products (books, music, video, DVD, software, and video games), Amazon deducts as a referral fee a percentage of the item price, excluding any taxes collected through Amazon tax collection services.For non-media products, Amazon deducts as a referral fee a percentage of the total sales price (the total amount paid by the buyer including the item price and any shipping or gift wrap charges), excluding any taxes collected through Amazon tax collection services.On my item, the value of my loss is only $1.42 but can you imagine how much Amazon makes if they skim this much off of every order? A crook by any other name is still a crook.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Website.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Location: Millerton, Pennsylvania

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ICUrpoint thanks empathy and common sense response. The fees Amazon is charging is unreasonable.

They get 15% cut and the sellers a fraction of that. Realistically sellers are getting less than 3% profit yet assume 100% the risk. Amazon operations are set up to squeeze the weakest in their control. Amazon business model isn't the same as during the upstart of the industrial age?

If you hear people boasting of how much they are making on Amazon don't believe it. Sellers are in competition with people who either get merchandise for near free, lie and Amazon does nothing to them or the seller is a non-profit. The Amazon business model can not do anything good for the American economy.

Buyers before crowing about great deals ask yourself how important is a 'good buy'.

What kind of world will your children acquire? Someone will have to pay the price and if not you who?


That seems really wrong. Here you are worked so hard to sell for a small percentage because your price had to meet the other listed price, and Amazon awards themselves taking 15% of your sales and shipping.Wow, where are they getting the feed back on this?

There should be a new auction site opens and the sellers go there and make some profit while paying the site fair and reasonable fees.

You are in the business to make some money not to get ripped off. And they don't even show any appreciation for the money.


Amazon is obscene in what percentage they *** each and every sale. All these happy customers keep coming back but suspect that if they took the time to checked around they would find that better options are out there.

I ordered a high ticket item recently. It had been on my wish list for awhile and noticed a seller had just one item left and they were selling it less than Amazon so figured I had a good deal.

Two weeks later shopping in town less than three miles away from my house and spotted the same cheaper by twenty dollars, granted it had just gone on sale, but still the regular price was the same as what Amazon had been selling for months.

Just saying Amazon has deals but not every item they sell is a deal.


Go sell somewhere else. The fees are plain as day when you sign up. If you can't bother to read your contracts before starting them, you should not complain after the fact.

-an amazon seller that agree to terms (like you)