August 14, 2013 is the when the problem occurred. A seller sold a brand new Jawbone Jambox, electronic mp3 player, to a buyer on amazon for $250.00.

The buyer returned the item back broken and with missing parts. Amazon suggested a partial refund, up to 50%. The seller issued %40 refund and explained to buyer exactly what amazon suggested. (that a broken returned item with missing parts can only receive a partial refund up to 50% and considering shipping costs and restocking fee 40% was figured).

The buyer did not contacted the seller nor did amazon contact the seller. The seller looked at their account to see if the monies were disbursed to them yet and saw that amazon had reversed the decision without notifying seller and refunded the full amount (100%) to buyer. The seller immediately called amazon support to figure out what steps to take. The representative told the seller that they can appeal the item and that the representative could not locate any evidence of contact via email or any other form from amazon to the seller.

The seller filled out appeal while on the phone with representative. The appeal was never considered. Amazon wrote the seller an email saying it was too late, "case closed" and that the appeal did not come in a "timely manner" although the option to appeal was available and Amazon's customer service representative promised that it would be taken into consideration. Amazon also told the Seller that there would be service fees charged to the seller's credit card on file.

The seller has bank information on file as well as credit card and other security sensitive information that Amazon showed to have complete control over to do what they pleased with it. So at this point the seller has paid expedited shipping twice ($13.25) and will have to contact manufacturer and see if a replacement via warranty is permitted for damaged item and pay amazon a service fee. The seller is out of $250.00 + $26.50 + service fee. Also the seller sold the item the beginning of July and it has strung out until August 15th.

Amazon wrote two emails to the seller Aug 15th both stating "At this time, it is too late for us to represent support for this claim, as it is closed. We will not be able to credit your account for the amount of the transaction. Please note that this is the final decision." This decision to close case and disbursed money occurred between Aug 7th and Aug 15th. However there was not contact or informing the seller of these changes to decision during this time.

It was only notified to the seller on August 15th that a full refund was being disbursed via automated email update. The same day that the seller found out, within the hour, made the appeal. But Amazon stated it was "too late" and closed case hours after appeal. The appeal was sent with a claim #(Case: 108426381?

at 9:41am 8/15/13) attached for records prior to disbursed money and prior to closing case at (1:25pm and 9:06pm 8/15/13). Amazon refused to guarantee Seller any rights to this and provided the buyer with all rights and all monies. The seller was not considered or warranted by the guarantee that they would be allowed to participate in claims or appeals. Amazon put claim "under investigation on August 14th" and "Claim last modified Thursday, August 15, 2013 6:06:51 PM".

Amazon should not be allowed to conduct such unethical actions. It should be Amazon's Fiduciary responsibility under legal bounds to handle monies of other parties with trust.

Amazon is mishandling monies and not trustworthy. Amazon is also, unethical in its business practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $285.

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Report this crime on the Better Business Website. It takes about ten minutes.

Same thing happened to me for a $400 PS4. If enough of us make the same complaint about Amazon, for allowing dishonest buyers to be "rewarded" by Amazon thus stealing from honest sellers, it makes a statement.

Don't let them get away with this. Report 'em!!!


Amazon.com is an unethical company. My bad experience with them is that when I initially signed up for a Seller's account, I chose Individual Seller, however I ended up with a Professional account and was charged 39.99.

This came to my attention because Amazon sent me an email saying they were going to charge me 39.99 for the Professional Seller's account.

When I contacted them, they said that although my account had not yet been charged they could not reverse the process at that time, but that I would have to wait until a couple of weeks after my account was charged and then refund the money (after I call them to request the refund that is). Of course, Amazon.com has such business practices because they are using people's money (the money and the interest) for investment and operation purposes.