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As a company operating out to the state of Florida we have had the opportunity to deal with many eCommerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, OverStock, etc. In fact, we have sold with Amazon for about six months now. Over that time, Amazon has suspended our account twice. They reactivated our account after an initial 30 review while holding over $1000 of our funds. After the release naturally we became excited and relisted a lot of our products. Much to our dismay, after just 5 days of selling we received the dreaded suspension letter AGAIN and our account was put on hold, only this time with roughly $5000. As we did nothing wrong other than offer consumers products at GREAT prices, which usually ship the same day, Amazon said our volume of sales was not justified. What really gets us... is we had to go through all the same processes as previously (send us your suppliers, company information, websites, so forth and so on...), which we might add was sent when we went through this the first time in July that our account was suspended. We called several times and got the same BS story seller performance does not have anyone to talk to. Okay then, Amazon with their extensive operations worldwide does not have anyone in seller performance to talk to??? Are you kidding me, well then put me on the phone with your automated server that sends out these emails and supposedly reviews our accounts. As Amazon has now held our funds twice "released once after 30 days" now it has been 30 days again and we just received this letter, "Hello from Amazon.com.

Thank you for writing. After a review of your account by an account specialist, we have decided your account will remain blocked.

We regret we are unable to provide further information on this situation. Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account will not be answered.

The closure of this account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will be closed as well.

Best regards,

Amazon Seller Performance Team"

Let us remind you now that they claim that they are now going to hold our money for an additional 90 days!!! Well, as a doctoral student and a driven business professional, I will not let this case go, even if they release our funds. Why? Well, simply someone has to do something to start the revolution =) Join our fight in a class action lawsuit---Seven Times Seven on Twitter

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our funds of £11000 were frozen and its been 120 days and we are not getting any response from anywhere and now we are in financial debt.

any one can help please.


Hey ,There is a new company I started using which has really helped me. It’s called Arohai.com.

I dealt with Kabbage;however, i like their program much better. They advance me twice a week 50% of the $ in my Amazon bank and they collect it back only after Amazon pays..

They are a new company I believe. They are really easy to work with.


all you have to do is contact the bbb in Seattle Washington

thats what i did i made a claim and next thing you know my check was in the mail


Ok, I will blow your mind right now...I been selling on Amazon for 4 years and did $20 million in sales, yes $20 million...we had a few complaints and they just terminated our account by sending us a 2 phrase email. All it says that that we did not meet their performance requirements.Luckily they do not have any of my money but that was 80% of our business. They play god and do have a Hitler mentality.


I do know they treat many many small businesses like garbage. We will support any competitor we can and have stopped shopping on Amazon since, for no reason, Amazon wouldn't allow us to start selling on their site.

They have automated from a position Hitler would have enjoyed -- the Nazi's of the internet. They remind you in an automated message that they don't have to even grace you with an explanation as to why they won't allow you to sell.

If price is the only thing important in business, no one with character would be in business. Amazon, much like WalMart are mostly sales agents for China.

My company designgs and manufactures strictly in America. Look carefully though at what is destroying American companies -- a combination of higher prices due to higher labor and poor service in design (US cars for example) and a poor attitude toward the very people who pay for their products and services. The solution would be forthcoming in a truly free market where smart Americans would improve their products and services to win customers. But companies like Amazon and WalMart who favor mass market warehousing and sales of mass produced of products with very high markups over small businesses run here in the States make an American comeback very very difficult.

Check Sleer Support on Google to see how many thousands of small business owners have been kicked off Amazon for no reason -- simply because they can. They hide behind a statement about bad service but many of those complaining never got a chance to sell and got caught in the purposeful or purposeless circle of non-returnable e-mails built into Amazon's core software and corporate structure.


**ATTENTION** I am currently gathering names and complaints from people who are currently (or have ever) been victims of Amazon's (or Paypal) fund holds. This is illegal in all but 2 states, and I want to gather as large a group as possible to make them pay for this unethical business practice.

Best case scenario would be a class action lawsuit. At the very least they will be forced to pay fines.

Please email me at amazoncomplaints@gmail .com. I want to hear from you!


2 days ago they suspended my account and held $3400 of mine when i threatened legal actions they closed my entire account changed my password a good customer of mine said he tried emailing me and it said my account has been canceled so does that mean they think there going to keep my money forever ?

@jason strycharz

I bet you planned on keeping that 1800 you scammed out of me. Guess what I'm not threatening legal action I'm actuall pursuing.legal and.criminal action.Rental fraud is the exact charges if your curious.

Just in case you wanna play dumb remember I used a cashiers check that can be tracked.

You led me to believe you owned a home in valencia, california turns out it was raided and abandon. See ya in court


I've been selling on Amazon for half of a year.

Our seller account was suspended on Apr 30, 2012

I found out that I can't login my account on July 27, 2012. I contact amazon customer support that morning, and I was told "It appears my account are on hold pending further research. This could be due to incorrect or incomplete billing information" and Account Specialist will email me within 24 hours. "

Later, no email, so I contact customer support again, and was told to wait another 24 hours. I email to the address : seller-performance@amazon.com about several times, but no response.

I still have about $13k in my seller account and don't know how to get paid.

Seem like amazon wants to get me off and take away my $13k.


Yep...Same story. Amazon is holding over $1,000 of my money for NO reason.

The say my account is under "review". I've done NOTHING wrong, not one thing. I sell on ebay, have my own website, I'm on the dotmed top 100 company page and they still won't pay me my money. Will I ever get my money?

Does anyone know? Please help!


Yep...Amazon is holding my funds too as they "review" my account. They're holding over $1,000 of mine and I can't get any answer and no help.

I can't believe this is even legal. Does anyone know if I'll get my money back???


They pulled the same BS with my wife and me. We were selling cosmetics and fragrances at a fraction of the cost, well below what other sellers on Amazon were selling for. We sold for about 4 weeks before being shut down, for what Amazon describes as "Velocity Limits". In over 100 products shipped, only one was requested for return, in which case we decided to refund the money and let the customer keep the product. How many sellers do that!?

So total revenue during a 4 week period equated to just under $5000, of which Amazon took just under $1000.

So I've had $3900 sitting in Amazon's hands for almost 30 days now. They are neither willing to talk with me, nor respond to any additional correspondence I've sent.

I sat down with a family member who is a high profile attorney and read over the Amazon contract. Evidently, by the terms of the contract under which sellers enter when selling on Amazon (A-to-Z, ect), Amazon is within it's rights to take such action. Not saying it's right; but unfortunately it's legal.

I used to buy everything from Amazon prior to this issue. Now, I wouldnt be caught dead even looking for something on their site! Amazon can go f* themselves!!!!!!!!!


Try working for them.


I've been selling on Amazon for about 3 months. Finally I was making a little profit and one day I can't log into my account.

I got a hold of them and they told me they are doing an investigation on my account. I had 7 orders that I need to confirm and I can't even log in. They said they would get back to me in 24 hours but it's been 4 days. I did nothing wrong.

I no what's going to happened, they are going to suspend my account and hold my money. They are crooks


Shipped almost $20,000 in product to Amazons customers. Amazon has been holding that money four months!!!!!



Took over $5000 of mine....we shipped the products out to the "their" customers and now amazon will not pay out the funds due to us for these products, for over three months...


These idiots even decide where they want to release money or not..!!! GOOD BUSINESS to PILL SELLERS don't sell through AMAZON


Yes i am with you, Amazon has done quite *** in e-commerce business and very very unethical business.. we must stop this monster eating money from sellers.


Same issue here of course. I started selling on BS amazon and they suspended my account and places a hold on the funds for 90 days!

thats 3 months! wtf! thats BS! amazon is a piece of garbage (a tiny piece) and they need to get sued BIG TIME!

why do they care anyway, they make so much money off the commission they are lucky to have us as sellers. Any news with the lawsuit im in 1000000%


Start a quick easy process with Better Business Bureau! But, don't stop there!