I received a mail telling me that my package had been delivered. The mail stated that package was handed to resident.

At the time I got that mail I was still at work.

When I got back home, I looked around for the parcel. I looked at the front door of the building adjacent to the road and then I also checked the back door by the car park but there was nothing. My daughter suggested that we check the apartment next door because earlier in the day her package had been delivered there. She went and looked around but there was nothing.

Residents at my building are rarely seen so there's no way of asking them anything about the package.

This is the first time I have not been able to receive my package, all my packages get dropped off inside the building using the back door by the car park and I find them.

It makes me wonder why my package had to be given to a resident instead of just being left inside of the building on the ground floor as is usually the case.

I called Amazon customer service the day after the package went missing and I was advised to wait another day maybe someone will turn it in. I decided to wait a couple more days but to no avail. So yesterday I called Amazon customer service again and my refund was processed.

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my grievance.

I will be ordering the same item today but please let the delivery staff know that they are not supposed to leave anything by the door on the Main Street because it will definitely get stolen. Instead let them use the back door by the car park, opposite the mail boxes.

Location: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

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