Good day, i recently made a purchase from your website, today to be precise and my account instantly got blocked, and i suppose its because im nigerian but there's no point getting into that as whoever reads this message does not own the company, no money was taken out of my bank account so i wasnt really mad, the problem now is that the giftcard i attached to my account to subsidize the payment of the package belong to me sister, she gave it to me cause she couldnt sell it for its actually worth, and decided i should use it instead, it was worth 40 dollars, money she made doing affiliate marketing on your website, there's no point telling you how i feel right now cause its pointless but im not happy at all, i would like my account unblocked, and the giftcard to be one it when it is, i submitted at least what i think you were asking for and still got blocked, the email attached to my account is " adekastanley2@***.com " ,

User's recommendation: Completely ignored, got in touch by creating a new account, they repliee me and told me to go back to my old account and finish it, b8g lie, came back and they didnt reoly again, i lost 40 dollars.

Location: Lagos, Lagos

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