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I have had 2 unauthorized streaming purchases occure while searching for a dvd format to buy. It seems that clicking on purchrss options to locate the dvd format which is not immediately available will automatically purchess the streaming format without any imput from the buyer. It has happened twice in a row for me. I contacted the service department and they told me i was wrong and it cant Possably happen.

Well it did. Twice...

Its a very serious problem that will eventually get amazon into lots of legal trouble.

I would like to see the matter taken seriously and the problem resolved. I have lost faith in amazon. I trusted them over any and all others. No more. Is this the start of the big downfall or an error not yet taken seriously. The snowball is rolling. Dont let it get so big that it does major damage

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Amazon Prime is a total fraud They entrap thousands of Amazon buyers auto charge memberships in lieu of a one time ship charge. Then if you complain you are connected to a non English rep in India. He directs you to purchase google receipts to offset