Good morning Amazon, to whom it may concern.

My name is Louise Bouk ; email bouklouise433@***.com


Email 2 ND: lganter72@***.com

Date of birth/6/18/1972

Address;2095 Lentz Road

China Grove,NC28023

March 16 I was informed my bank account and ID have been hacked. I immediately reported this to my Bank is SECU/ Salisbury:NC with

seth.turbeville@***.org who began the case with Amazon and Spectrum.

I notified Amazon on the March 17 speaking with Tipahnie M and she took the report in full, writing every fraudulent charge , including the ID numbers and was extremely helpful in this matter.she took a huge amount of time withe changing my email address and all pass words as well as anything else necessary to secure my account! I will be sending the list as she prepared,as well as you can open what was prepared and sent to me. On account ending explained in 0449 was frozen but still available for refunds as posted when they would arrive to seth.turbeville@***.org and one was stopped, by my correspondence with the seller as Amazon helping ,thank you very much. On March 16 2022 a new account was open for me as well and I have been marking off what has been refunded by my bank due to a avadeciate that was made March 18, by seth.turbeville@***.org.

as you can see there were a considered a large amount of charges and I have waited to respond to this offer to reply as refunds have been going In the last ones as of March 25,2022, thank you. As this progresses I am reviewing with my bank account and their corporate office everyday to see if anymore of the unauthorized Fraudulent Charges have been posted as this case I have been advised, would probably take longer than a normal,10 business days. When it was finalized and closed I would receive a letter indicated that it was completed. As you can see the charges that have be refunded to my account, thank you, but as time goes and am aware that it takes more time for others to be processed.

Please know , how extremely grateful I am for what Amazon has found and returned and I am very sure you will review this case which was and is being reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission to possibly find the individuals who could have caused this crime. As suggested from Tiappane M. I have eliminate anyone coming to my home and as being disabled, going through a martial sepreation,I reviewed what Tiappane M . Was commenting on what she thought was a front porch.

It was inaccurate. My front porch faces the road,Lentz Road and is extremely small with two steps dirty dusty and is Dark Plum Purple with no welcome mat what so ever.its obviously a clue in this extremely horrible mystery and needs to be documented to Amazon and their records. Again I realize, the other remaining charges that have not been posted or retreated takes time but I do have the utmost confidense that Amazon will review what is remaining as again I waited to respond to this for three days .

Thank you for your continued efforts in refunds for the remainder of the funds that have not been refunded or posted.

I know you will continue to throughly adjust the remainder refunds of the Unauthorized Fraudulent, yes, extremely vunerable situation that has changed my life as well as increased my view and confidence with Amazon and my Bank. Thank you to you staff, your fraudulent team and working so quickly under the circumstances, in this matter.

Of course If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me .

Thank you Amazon


Louise Bouk bouklouise433@***.com

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