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I had an Amazon cardholder and I never had problems with my card until I agreed to receive an Amazon Prime. When I had the Amazon card I paid monthly and I know my bill and what I owed.

I simply sent in my payment and I had a bill pay to pay my bills. When I got prime Amazon. I was still sending in my payments to Amazon. Because prime did not send me a bill on time.

When I got my second apparent I had been being charged a late fee. Since I had Amazon payments and sending them monthly before I had Amazon Prime. While paying Amazon monthly they returned my payments of $150.00 and I could not know why. Then I get a late notice from Amazon Prime saying I was late.

When I had the regular Amazon without Prime. I knew what I owed. I paid what I owed. Not additional items when attached to my bill without my knowledge.

But this Amazon Prime is evil. I always knew what was on my bill. And Since I had regular Amazon I was in charge of my bill. I call this Amazon Prime evil because charges are placed on my bill without my approval.

Even double charges going to my debit card. I have tried to find out the source and it is not provided even on my credit card to stop the charges. Once, before there were double charges. I wrote Amazon Prime and request my bill to let me know what was on my bill and discover where the charge is coming from.

Since, the Amazon Prime you can not get help with the unauthorized charges to get them removed.

So, when the initial promotion the card sent to me, it was $11,000 and then the card was reduced instead reduced to $6500 making it over drafted nearly. Since my charges had gotten up to that amount, I was paying them. I am upset that the charges that kept mounting were not charges I agreed to. I had used the card twice, but the added charges were added I did not agree to!

I did have a fire stick and I had an Amazon account which I did not mind playing, and I was paying with not problems. I could not understand why my debit card was being charged, my prime which only used on my owe but now it was added up charges I did not agree to. Plus my Amazon regular account my payments which were used initially for my account was being credited. But the Amazon Prime was mounting and I could not get what the payments were for because they are coded in with numbers and the price is just shown.

I requested my account in Amazon Prime to send me what are all these charges and since they are coded, they were just cropped up charges. I am a consumer and I need to know what each charge is. Because I am also getting as I said another charge on my debit card when I tried to get some understanding they send you to agent after agent, and who cannot help you. And just like Yesterday they had you go to Chase and Chase has you go to Amazon and Amazon Prime and then the line goes silent, and then they hang up on you.

This such a scam! When I was paying and sending my regular payments to my regular Amazon card, I know what I was paying. And those payments of were 50.00 each. I agreed to the Amazon Prime.

One day after paying my bill I get 150.00 returned from a paid my bill and all charges and then I find my Amazon Prime did not send me a bill. Then I get a request for my payment from Amazon Prime and it said it was late. But I had not heard from Amazon Prime. But my Regular Amazon payments were being proceeds and received mail.

And they had my bill pay information. I just am angry that Amazon Prime has added things on my bill from they that are not agreed to. There are only two large payments I used on the Amazon Prime! I used them and I handed over my card to pay for those services and I agreed to.

But the charges I not receive from my Amazon Prime are chargers I have not agreed to and now have to pay and have caused my account to have charges on my debit card and charges mounting on my Amazon Prime. I did not agree to. With my regular Amazon Card. I knew what I owed and I had a regular bill paying it.

But the Amazon Prime I had to set up a Bank transfer because they said I missed a payment from my bill pay when it never happened with my Regular Card payments. So they lowered my limit and said my card was lowered to what I owed that had all these charges attached I did not agree to. And I guess in their minds it penalizes me and now the Charge is at its limit. I only agreed to this charge for large items.

But those little charges I did not agree to and ones I can not check because they are coded with long numbers. I feel taken advantage of in this Pandemic more. I ordered things for this virus on my Regular Amazon Card I would have been it paying off as I always did. I never had a so call missed payment.

I was paying my Regular Amazon Card.

But this Amazon Prime is an evil card because the charges are sent on this long sheet and you can not tell the charges and what they were. And I got another card on my debit card.

User's recommendation: Do not get the Amazon Prime, stay with your regular Amazon credit card or cards.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: You are being paid well and you have made a lot stocks. The Amazon Prime was a good idea! But let the customer agree and let them agree to charges. I wanted to use it for big purchases. I did not like unagreed purchases attached.

Amazon Pros: Quick service, Amazon.

Amazon Cons: Unauthorized charges attached.

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