My child 6yrs old apparently got my phone and got on the Amazon app and purchased 2 separate order totaling approximately 2200 dollars for figurines it was literally 2 items but the quantity was several of the same thing I don't understand how this wasn't red flagged from the site of the order, this potentially wiped out my bank account of mine and my husband's Social security disability payments we just received that day, had I not had alerts set on my bank account this very well could have caused a chain reaction of events in my account. I was able to Cancel 1 of the 2 orders online, but the 2nd order I had to contact Amazon directly to stop the order and request refunds for the money after stopping my debit card because I didn't know what was going on at first.

User's recommendation: Have some kind of alert or blocks on your accounts.

Location: Gillespie, Illinois

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