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I was charged for something that I did not use my card for and when I called to find out what it was for I was told I am sorry,but with out you having an account or a transaction number we are unable to help you. I spoke with a supervisor and was told the same thing as well,however from what they could tell from the amount according to Amazon it sounded like it was a monthly charge to Prime but Amazon was and is not 100% sure.

So there for I was still unable to find out the exact charge and recommendation for Amazon was and is to put in place a way to find out what the charges are and is for. So hopefully in the future for anyone calling in being a current customer or not for Amazon to have in place away to help and trace the charge or charges to a persons debit card or credit card.

User's recommendation: Pay attention to your charges very carefully from Amazon and if you do not recognize the charges dispute it immediately.

Location: Lodge Grass, Montana

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